Five adventure ideas for “The One Ring” TTRPG

Art by Martin Grip.

Are you struggling to come up with ideas for The One Ring tabletop RPG? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Here are five short ideas to use in your game or as a starting point for a scenario or campaign.

Feel free to use them however you wish and place them wherever you see fit.

1. The Voyage West

A group of humans near the Grey Havens plan to sail west based on “secret knowledge” they have stolen from the elves. They believe they can sail straight to Valinor and may even have a stolen elven ship. This adventure could involve trying to return (or steal) the stolen knowledge or an elven ship, sneaking past elven/human guards, and braving the dangers of the sea.

2. The Altar of the Dead

The altar is a place where mystics and magical creatures leave offerings to a dead nature spirit, a great warrior, or a Maia. A long forgotten legend is also told about the altar, but no one seems to remember the details anymore. This adventure could involve trying to uncover the truth behind the legend, returning stolen artifacts and battling creatures that guard or try to destroy the altar.

3. The Orc Watchtower

A small armory and guard post on the mountains where orcs come to pick up weapons and supplies. This adventure could involve raiding the watchtower, uncovering information about orc movements, and perhaps even making an uneasy alliance with an orc faction.

4. The Pretender to the Throne

A charismatic human claims to be the rightful king and is gathering followers and influence in the south. Even some of the Dunedain believe him. The people of Minas Tirith (and many others) are after him. Some see him as a potential savior, some see him as a threat. This adventure could involve trying to stop him, but also considering whether he might be the real deal or at least a better ruler than the current regime.

5. The Corrupted Child

A family is searching for their child who has, or at least the rumors say so, sold their soul to Sauron or other evil forces. The child believes they are destined to be evil due to terrible events that have occurred to them. This adventure could involve tracking down the child, convincing them to change their ways, and facing off against the evil forces that hold them captive.

I hope these five ideas help you overcome your creative block 🙂

Image source: Free League press kit.