Resource library for game masters

On this page I have collected some game design and game mastering tools and resources that I have found useful. The page was last updated on the 18th of April 2023.

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Writing tools and tips for game masters

ChatGPT | Just use it.
Hemingway | A tool for writers. Make your text easy to read and snappy!
InferKit Demo | AI text generator. Beat your writer’s block!
Screenwriter tips for game masters | Great tools for better games.

Adventure and TTRPG scenario frameworks and ideas

The 5 x 5 Methods | A good framework for linear campaigns.
Node-Based Scenario Design | Excellent framework for scenarios / campaigns.
Sly Flourish | Infinite pool of good GM tips and advice.
Georges Polti’s 36 Dramatic Situations | Building blocks for any genre.

Visual tools for game masters

Old Book Illustrations | Free-to-use old illustrations, wood engravings, etc.
This Person Doesn’t Exist | AI generated photo portraits.
Artbreeder | Mix images to create all kinds of weird shit.
Dream | Enter prompt and AI generates an image for you.
The Newspaper Clipping Generator | The name says it all.
The Finnish Heritage Agency | Free-to-use images from Finland.
British Library | Free-to-use old images from British Library.
DALL-E | Another AI image generator, but not that great.

Mapping and location resources for game masters

Dungeon Scrawl | Dungeon map tool with several different styles.
Snazzy Maps | Style editor for Google Maps.
Medieval Fantasy City Generator | The name says it all.
Fantasy Map Brushes | A great set of brushes for Photoshop
watabou | GREAT customizable map generators.

Horror TTRPG resources

The Lesser Key of Solomon | An endless inspiration for satanic / demon stuff.
London Medieval Murder Map | All your investigator needs covered.